The letters of Paul to specific churches and individuals comprise about one fourth of the New Testament making him and his theology an important part of the foundation of Christianity. Paul understood that for Christianity to flourish, early Christians needed to learn what to think and how to think about what must be true about God, about Jesus, and about humans if their prayer and practice were to make sense.

He wrote his letters in a specific moment in history with its own political, economic, and social conditions to churches experiencing their own specific challenges and issues. We will look at this fascinating context as we read and study five of his letters to understand what Paul was writing about to Christians in the 1st century.

But the letters are also included in the Scriptures that God inspired for the benefit of Christians throughout all times, including ours. So we will tackle some topics that are important for our life in the 21st century context using principles arising from Paul’s letters, topics such as sexuality and gender relationships, religious pluralism, peace and reconciliation, suffering, defending our faith in a hostile world, zombies and other paranormal phenomenon, mental illness, the silence of God, and more.

January – 1 Thessalonians

February/March – 1 Corinthians

April – Philippians

May – Colossians

June – 1 Timothy

Classes will be held Sundays 9:00-10:15 AM in Fellowship hall and repeated on Tuesdays 7:00-8:15 at the church (room TBD) starting January 5 and 7.

*Child care is provided during the class.

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