UPDATE 3/23 From Pastor Bobby: I set up an account with free conference call that has all the essential features for meeting up virtually.  If anyone wants to “meet with me”, let me know and I’ll send you the video conference call link.  If you just want to touch base or pray, or whatever, let me know.  We’re only just over a week into this and the days can be getting longer and more difficult as the news continues to deteriorate.  You’re not alone.  Reach out and we can schedule a time to meet.  Click here to email.

UPDATE 3/14 Subscribe to the Dunstable Church YouTube channel for live streaming or recorded messages. Click on the link below and then click on Subscribe. Then click on the little bell icon and select All so that you get notified when there is something on the channel.

After consulting with medical professionals and many of my pastoral peers, it’s with an abundance of care that we have decided to suspend all public gatherings for 2 weeks.  This Sunday’s service (3/15), as well as next Sunday’s (3/22) are cancelled. In 2 weeks time, if the situation shows signs of improvement, we’ll make efforts to re-enter our “normal” church life.  If in 2 weeks things have worsened, then we’ll be thankful we were ahead of the pack in making this decision and extend our public gathering hiatus as needed.  As I’m sure we all are, we’ll be evaluating the situation closely and reassess our next steps on 3/26. At that time, we will reevaluate the status of the outbreak under the guidance of health authorities to see if further suspension is required. I want to make abundantly clear that as far as we know, we have not had any cases within the church.  Please notify me if you know otherwise. We are also closing the church building to outside groups for the next 30 days.

What will the next weeks look like?  We will continue to be the church! We’re the church gathered, and the church scattered. For now, our “gathering” will look different.  We’re working on virtual solutions for Sunday worship.  There will be further communication with specifics as we know more but one avenue we’re looking into is a Dunstable Church YouTube page to both live stream and store content.  Stay tuned on that.  Peggy will continue providing digital media for Sunday School.  She too is considering live stream option for the class.  Our Wednesday services will more than likely be downloadable content that you can do from your homes to practice the spiritual disciplines.  We’re working on virtual social options for you to be able to stay in touch with your church family in groups, remotely.  Again, as that becomes available and we know more, we’ll communicate it.  If you are accustomed to giving in person, please consider giving your regular offering online ( so the ministry of the church can continue as planned during this time.  We have offered our services to the town as well.  If anyone has a need we can help with, we will be contacted. 

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