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  • First, and foremost!!! We are the church, the living Body of Jesus Christ!!  If someone differs from you on any of the below, we offer nothing but grace, love, and understanding.  More than likely, there will be a myriad of approaches to how an individual chooses to move forward.
  • No more pre-registering
  • Masks will be optional
  • We’re no longer requiring social distancing
  • If you are someone who wants to come but still desires to be distanced that’s completely fine. We encourage you to either, 1) communicate that to someone who sits too close, or 2) we’ll save the back rooms for those who wish to remain distanced
    • If someone happens to inform you that you’ve sat too close to them, respond with nothing but love and understanding.  It’s not mean.  It’s not personal.  You don’t smell.  It’s not sin.  It’s not weird.  Love them and scoot over a couple feet.  This new normal can’t be allowed to divide us or cause conflict.
  • There will be fellowship time after service, but we’ll wait a few months before we provide food and drink.  If the weather is nice, we’ll meet outside, if it’s inclement, we can gather in the fellowship hall
  • Offering plates will remain at the front and rear of the church.  If you’re someone that normally put an offering in as the plates passed by, please continue to do so as you walk by the plates on your way in or out of the church
  • We will continue to provide prepackaged communion for Communion Sunday, or you can bring your own if you’d like.
  • If you have kids and are comfortable returning to worship, please come. Throughout the summer, we’ll have kids with us in worship. We have coloring sheets and coloring utensils. We won’t be offended by the normal kid sounds.  We’re aiming to offer official childcare/hopefully Sunday School by the fall.  
    • If you’ve ever offered a glare to a family with kids making noise, instead please be gracious and understanding that 1) it’s more important for the family to be in worship with us, and 2) we’re not offering official childcare.  So please just remember that no kid is perfect, and neither are you! 
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