Paul and His Letters Videos

Philippians chapter 4

Paul thanks the Philippians for the support they sent to him and encourages them to stand firm, to rejoice in the Lord, and to bring their worries and anxiety to God in prayer.

Philippians chapter 3

Paul reminds the Philippians that their salvation comes from faith not from keeping the Jewish Law and urges them to press on towards what is ahead.

Philippians chapter 1

Paul reassures the Philippian church that his imprisonment has been advancing the gospel, and that he is willing to live or die.

Colossians chapters 3 and 4

Paul encourages the Colossians in what they take off and what they put on as new creations in Christ. And the class ends with some rich discussion about radical prayer.

Colossians chapter 2

Paul warns the new Colossian believers not to be taken captive by Jewish Law or esoteric spirituality, or by do-it-yourself religion.

Colossians chapter 1

Paul writes to encourage the new church in Colossae and give them a magnificent description of who Jesus is and why all wisdom is found in him.

1 Timothy chapters 3 and 4

Paul continues to address with Timothy the behaviors of the false teachers and to encourage Timothy to persevere and teach sound doctrine.

1 Timothy chapter 2

What can the context of the Ephesian cult of Artemis and of proto-Gnosticism shed new light on this challenging section in Scripture?

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