Paul and His Letters Videos

1 Timothy chapter 1

What was the geographical, historical, cultural, and religious context of Paul's letter to his younger co-worker, Timothy?

1 Corinthians chapters 15-16

Paul reminds the Corinthian Christians that the ultimate hope of our faith is the resurrection of our bodies in the redeemed and renewed Creation.

1 Corinthians chapters 9, 10

Paul continues his argument that the Corinthian Christians should not go to the pagan temples and eat meat sacrificed to idols. He guides them and us today on the use and abuse of Christian freedom.

1 Corinthians chapters 7, 8

Paul gives his counsel regarding marriage and celibacy with gentle cautiousness and encouragement for the Corinthians to use discernment.

1 Corinthians chapters 5, 6

Paul addresses ways in which wealthier, more powerful Christians are taking advantage of their weaker brothers and sisters.

1 Corinthians chapters 2, 3, 4

Paul strongly corrects the Corinthians' value system brought in from the surrounding greco-roman culture. The spiritual elitism of some is dividing the church.

1 Thessalonians chapters 4 and 5

Paul reminds the Thessalonians how to live so as to please the God who made them, and he encourages them with the great hope they (and we) have of Jesus' return to set everything right in a new and redeemed creation!

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