Where is hope in these days?

The Dunstable Church is a caring community of faith where we are all on a journey together finding hope, purpose, connection, and wholeness. Wherever you are in this walk of life, we invite you to join us.

How to worship with us

Our worship service is in-person with RSVP or you can watch the service live streamed.

We welcome your presence!

Worship in person with us with RSVP and COVID precautions.


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OR Watch our worship service streamed live on Facebook or watch the recording later. (Facebook account not required)


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How we help each other on the journey

(Our ministries have been impacted by the pandemic. Contact the church office for information.)




Coronavirus Precautions at the Dunstable Church

UPDATE 9/29 - REMINDERS FOR IN-PERSON WORSHIP STARTING OCT. 4 As I hope you're all aware of by now, we're having our first in person worship service this Sunday @10:30.  Just a few reminders as we draw closer to Sunday: Please RSVP by Thursday so we can have as...

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Responding to Fear

Responding to Fear

Last Thursday thirteen people died in one New York hospital alone. Emergency rooms in the city are in chaos. Parking lots are being used as triage rooms. And this is not on the other side of the country – this is next door, not more than two hundred miles away. I’ll be honest – I’m scared. Even though I’ve taken precautions, I’m not in the highest risk group (getting there!), and I have faith, I’m finding it hard at times to not let the news get to me. It feels as...